Handling test

An important aspect in the preparations for the AZT race is testing how the bikes handling is affected by the luggage. During a 149 km long training ride in Northern Jutland i did a testride on Slettestrand mtb trail, situated close to our family summerhouse. The trail is both highly technical and has some nice flow sections, great for testing the bikes ability to maintain its handling. What I found is, that the luggage does not affect the handling that much. On the flow sections I can throw the bike almost as brutally as usual, climbing is also not a problem, lifting the front wheel over obstacles, but the drop sections causes the front and rear tyres to touch the front bag and the saddle bag. The latter is mainly because I refuse to discard my dropper post. The front bag is my Osprey Talon 22 containing tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. The reason why my backpack is used on the front is, that I am using it to strap the bike onto, for the crossing of The Grand Canyon. I find it too big to carry on my bag and it causes a lot of sweating. The solution might be to store the Osprey in a lightweight stuff sack that will compress the whole thing and also make it waterproof.

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