The demons in the loop

I have lots of demons stopping me from doing the training I set off to. "I have to shorten my training session otherwise my wife will be mad for my late return" (which I know she won't, I could not wish for a more supporting life companion), "one of my kids will call me, asking when I'll be home" (which they often do, but it never seem to be a problem that it will take a while), "I am beginning to feel sore, that extra loop will bring me to exhaustion", "a shower right now would be nice", "I am beginning to feel hungry" or I suddenly remember something that I should have taken care of at work, that need my instant attention. And so it goes on. I am working on it, trying to get rid of this nagging feeling of having too little time. One of my training routes brings me right from my front door to Amager Faelled which is a nature area full of paved and unpaved paths, no cars and prone to strong winds. Several loops can be added to the route. There is one loop, I always ride which is a single track, very nice and flowy. I often set off from home with the intention to ride this loop and a couple more, but always bail on all but the first one, for one of the above reasons.

That pattern now belongs to the past! I have to complete whatever I set out to do. This decision is a very important step for me in the change of mindset that is needed in my training and preparations for the AZT race.

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