The bright colored stairway

Training first of all have to be fun. That's the direction I have moved towards in the recent years. Skipping the heart rate monitor, gps, purchasing a slightly heavier full suspension bike with longer travel and dropper post has all been part of that, making it all more playful. But the training for the AZT race has changed my perspective on training. Longer training sessions on the bike with and without baggage. And the need for more varied kinds of training. It's still a lot of fun, otherwise I would lose motivation, but the goal seems to outshine the downsides of the more serious approach. The most drastic step has been to start running stairs. I do it once or twice a week at Herlev Hospital. Being the tallest building in Denmark (120 meter) with 25 floors makes it a good option. The steps are rather low which makes it ideal for running up two steps at the time, and down one step at the time, putting less stress on the knees. And is it fun? No, not really, actually it is bloody boring and monotonous, but very effective both for leg training and fitness. First time I did it a couple of months ago I could barely walk the day after, my leg and buttocks muscles being sore and tense and my joints getting sluggush from the unaccustomed impact. Now it feels like my normal training and I can almost feel an improvement in fitness from each training session. At the moment I do 100 floors, which seems adequate at the moment, but I'll probably add some more during the winter.

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